What season is it where you live? What's the weather like in the different seasons in your country? What's your favourite season?

Your Turn: Seasons
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Hi! It is fall in Turkey. It is a little windy and rainy, and sometimes it is cloudy. My favourite season is winter. I love it because we play snowballs and we celebrate New Year.

Hi friends. I am from Turkey. My country has 4 seasons. My favorite season is summer because in summer i go to sea with my family. :D

I live on Sri Lanka and my seasons there 2 seasons, rain and summer. And I love rain seasons.

Hi! I'm from Myanmar. It is winter season in Myanmar. In my country,we have 3 seasons. It's summer, rainy and winter. My favourite season is winter. I like it because I love cool. I like snow and snowflakes. It make me happy.

Winter is my favourite season

I'm from France, and it's summer! the weather it's VERY HOT! I love every seasons!
In my country, we have 4 seasons

It´s a song

Spring´s my favourite season
Don't ask me for a reason
All the birds in the sky will sing
My favourite seson is Spring

I am from Bangladesh .In Bangladesh it is summer season .We have six season .Summer , Rainy-season ,Authem ,Let-authem ,Winter and Spring . I like winter very much , go to my maternal grand moter and father home that is my home also . But in Dhaka I have school . I live in winter in my maternal’s home and my home very much .