Do you like riding a bike? How old were you when you learned to ride a bike? What's your bike like? How often do you ride your bike and where do you go? Do you always wear a helmet?

Your Turn: Riding A Bike
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I like riding a bike.
I learned to ride a bike at 7~8 years old.
I don't wear a helmet when I ride bike.

yep! i luv riding a bike and i think i learned riding it when i was about 5 years or something! my bike's huge and its black in colour and its awesome!  i don't like pink bikes! i ride it everyday in my parking! i don't wear a helmet besides i'm grown up so its no use and i never fall off a bike!!     :D

I like ride a bike but, I have only old bike so, I don't ride a bike right now.
I don't wear a helmet when I ride a bike.
I learnt to ride a bike at 6~7or8 years old.

I like riding a bike and I learnt to ride a bike when I was 7 years old.
I riding a bike eveywhere but I don't wear a helmet.

I like riding a bike and I sometimes wear a helmet

I love my bike. I like to riding on my bike. My bike is red and it got black seat. My bike is BMX bike and I can do a lot of tricks on it. I learn to ride on my bike at 4. I can do tricks at 8. I can even jump on it too!

 Yes, I like.
I was 7 years old. 
I wish I have it right now. 
Yes, I always wearing helmet. :)

 Hi everyone! 

I like so much riding my bike. I was 5 years old when I learnt to ride the bike: I was terribly scared to fall and it took several weeks before I could bike carefree. My bike is red and green, the seat is black with white stars on it. The wheels are very strong: they can crash the marble! In summertime I ride my bike almost every day and I go to Molo Lungo (Long Dock). Over there I can enjoy the view of the sea and of my beautiful city. I always wear the helmet when I ride my bike, of course. 


you dont get hit by a car