When do you give presents to people? Who do you give presents to? Do you make presents or do you buy them? What's your ideal present?

Your Turn: Presents
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me also like present and gives my famliy .

I love getting presents! Best present what i ever get is one book! But i also give my mom card or flower on mothers day/valentine

i give presents for Christmas and birthday. i never make presents. for my birthday friends give me a book, clothes,....

 Hi!İm Turkey and my name is Ayça.İ give gift on christmas and birthday.İ write near the prensent this word:Happy happy happy happy days!This is one toy!İ buy toy.My mother,fathet and aunt.My favorite present i toy..İt'S a doll!

hi there!!!
I like to make crafty cards for my friends..I loved to recycled some stuffs and try to make interesting and useful things.

I give presents to people when it is their birthday. i give presents to the members of my family and to my girlfriends. I both buy and make presents. For example I make greetings cards and I paint cartoon boxes. My ideal present is a real castle with me being a princess inside it. 


I give prents at Mother'Day ,Father'Day Christmas and friends birthday:)

i give present in wedding in birthday or mother's day ...... i give present to people which i love

You can give people presents on December 25. I buy my presents at the stores I go to.i give presents to my family.

I give presents to my family and I buy my presents from stores.