What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

Your Turn: Pencil Case
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In my pencil case I have: two pencils, two pens, a rubber, clips, pegs, scissors, transportator and a pencil sharpener. My pencil case is: purple with a dolly. It's always tidy.

hi! i have a pink pencil case with a picture of cats . inside it there are pencils,ruler and colors pens it is a very pretty pencil case

Hi! I am going to share about my pencil case. It was from Smiggle, and it is pink. It is quite big(I would say it looks like a hamburger) and there are lots of stationery in it. There are five pencils, a correction tape, four erasers, a ruler and loads and loads of pens. I like my pencil case as it is so pretty and neat! PS: I forgot to tell you that I bought it with my own money. It was nineteen dollars!

I have a pen and ruler

Hello I am I liked the topic. I want to write something about my pencil case. It is black and purple, and rectangle in shape. It is made out of fabric and it is patterned. It opens with zip. I put my pens, pencils, crayons and a rubber as well as a sharpener and small ruler. I used to have a pencil case that was made of plastic but it ripped. As I cannot keep it tidy and clean, I sometimes lose my stuff. My brother Mehmet helps me to find them. In fact, he keeps my crayons but I would like to share my pencils, crayons and other things with my little brother Mehmet. see you next time.

my pencilcase is heavy!!

my pencilcase is pink and black.

inside it:

two pencils,three erasers, 2 sharpers, one bouncy ball, coins ,a highlighter,one more highlighter , glue, and scissors.

My pencil case is pink.Inside my pencil case are pens,markers,pencils.My pencil case buy my mum.

I like it.....

Hi.. My pencil case is a plastic and green one. Inside the my pencil case, it has one blue pen, one red pen and one black pen and also one pencil with eraser. Oh yes, it has a ruler and sharpener too. My father brought  it to me for my  birthday. I have stick my school time table inside the box. 

I love my pencil case. I have write my name on the pencil case.

I always try to keep the pencil case tidy, because i like it.