What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

Your Turn: Pencil Case
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 i have many pencil cases, my pencil case are blue,purple,yellow,and more. yes, i chose myself.  i have many things inside my pencil case, an eraser,a pen,a pencil,a tip-x,and a ruller.i keep my pencil case tidy before back to school.

My pencil case is blue and white . I  have many pencils

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my pencil case is red and black it hase a drawing on it for a puppy

my pencil case is yellow with a small bear on it........i hav 2 pens,an eraser,sharpener etc..........i keep it tidy and i don't take it out unless i hav a homework....

Hello.I have a red pencilcase.My pencil case is tidy.In my pencil case there are:
green pen,pen,pencils,sharpener,rubber and glue.My mother and I choos my pencil case.

My pencil case is pink with a girl on the front. It is shaped like a  circle and has a pencil, a pen, a colouring set and a rubber. It is keep very tidy.

I have looney tunes pencil case. the color is blue. i have pencil, pen, sharpenser, eraser, and corection pen. I always keep my pencil case clean and tidy.

Yes  I have got a big and a small pencil case.There are  - pens,pencils,color,rubber,sharpener,ruller,color pen, highlighter,glue,scisors... It is black and grey colour. My dad chose my pencil case. Yes of course,my pencil case is always tidy.