What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

Your Turn: Pencil Case
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Yes, i like my pencil case.
Red and blue.
I just it my self.
Peper clips, pencils HB, ruller, pen, and rubbers.

Hi, I like my pencil case too.
It's the pencil case of my best friend, Fiona

Hi, i am AmuletUnicornNecklace! My pencil case is dark blue and it has Darth Vader's (a character from Star Wars) body on it. I received this pencil case on Christmas morning from Santa Claus. In my pencil case, i have an eraser, a pencil sharpener,a ruler, many colour pencils, a black pencil, two pens, a bottle with glue, a high lighter, a correction pen, geometrical instruments, a scissor. I really like my pencil case!

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