What's your pencil case like? What colour is it? Who chose your pencil case? What's inside? Do you keep your pencil case tidy?

Your Turn: Pencil Case
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My pencil case is pink, it is very beutiful. My best friend give me on my birthday. I love my pencil case!

Hello! My name is CaptainWerewolfLavender!!!
My pencil case is rectangular and flat. It is made of white fabric and there are three cactuses on it. It is beautiful!
In my pencil case,there is a pair of scissors and there are four pens: a blue, a black, a red and a green pen.
There is also a multicoloured ruler, a glue stick, a correction tape , a pencil and a pencil sharpener.
My mother bought it; she is the best mum!!!

My pencil case is pink. My friend give it to me on my birthday. I always keep my pencil case very tidy.

My pencil has gliter in it

My pencil case is pink.
I love my pencil case.

My pencil case is purple and other colors.
I love my pencil case.

my pencil case is blue

My pencil case is very nice. It is a present from my best friend.
It's light violet and blue. There are some stickers about Japanese schoolgirl uniform. Inside it I put some pens, some pencils, a ruler, a compass and some erasers!!! (I have lots of things:)

Hi! My pencil case is rainbow and black. My pencil case chose my friend. In my pencil case i have an eraser, a pencil, a pen, a ruler, a high lighter, a correction pen. I like my pencil case very much. It is beautiful.

my pencil case is pink.it it is very nice.i have lots of pens and pencils.