Tell us about an old person who you know well. How old are they? What do you do together?

Your Turn: Old People
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i have one grandma , i love her so much !  she's 65 years . 

we do a lot of  good things , I LOVE HER :)  . but now .. she's sick , God heals my grandma.
i wish i can meet all my grandparents.

My grandma very sweet.

i miss my grandfather ang grand mother

 Hy, i love my grandma `cause she is so funny and so friendly! She understand me, too:X She is 60 years old and she is kind with me! I lov her!:X sometimes it`s more understanding than my mom! That`s surely! in simple words: I LOVE MY GRANDMA!!:x:x:x:xKiss:*

i have 59yr old grandpa...he helps me in maths...he takes me for a short walk to shops and gets me biscuits and chocolates.... :) he talkes me to uncles place....i enjoy being with my grandpa...

i like my grand mother because she is nice  ,kind and honest with me she likes me too she learn me a lot of things she tell me story  about her life when she was young
i had a grand father he was dead but i still like him very much i never forget him he did everything for me he was generous and honest he likes me because he said  that i am polite , good girl and smart and a good student. he like toooooooooooooooooo
                                       i am proud of tthem

i have 2 grands of mother and 2 grands of father.Grands of father died before i was born, grandmother of mo mother is i have 1 grandfather and a grandmother who is grandfather's wife is not my mother's mother.
the left grandfather is over 70 but his very strong.though he is old,he still do work.he loves me very much,he is very friendly, on.i sometime visit him, he often share candy,fruit to me ........


I love my grandfather and my grandmother. But my grandpa died in 1999, 30 April.

 you are  a good boy