Tell us about an old person who you know well. How old are they? What do you do together?

Your Turn: Old People
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My Grandmother is 72 years old.  She likes helping me learn to read.

  • Hi evry one

My grandmother is very strick and old. She is 65years old and very funny.

I loved my grandmother and I liked my grandmother house because there were many flowers.My grandmother love baby.

Helo my grandma name is Yurdanur.She is 60 years old.I love her.She is very funny.She is a very good freind :)

My grandmather is boring.hahaha .I'm joking my grandmather is fantastic . Because she plays computer games and ps3 games . :)

I love my grandama.She cooks food for me and it is delicious.I like her cooking.She even takes me out  for shopping.

my grany is Maria. She is 70 yaers old. She likes walking in the mountains with me.

my nan is 86 years old