Tell us about an old person who you know well. How old are they? What do you do together?

Your Turn: Old People
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i have two grandmas one of them is living with us in our house, and the other one is living in america.
i have one grandfather because the other one was died even before i was born, but the other one is living in america with my grandmother.

hi everybody ..
i have one grandfather and grandmather
i love him so much
but the die before 3 years ago    : (


  • I love my grandmother and my grandfather so much because they love me so much and they tell me stores about their things when they young .                                                                                                                   with lots of love.

       My Grandmother İs 60 Years Old. She İs Very Sweet . She Like Animals (Cat).She Like Speak Vhite Mee.I Love My Grandmother And My Grandfather... :):) Very Much ...

Hi my name is Sophie. I have a wonderful grandma she is 94 years old She is soooo cute !!
She loves hugs and kisses.

My grandmother is 58 years old.My grandfather is 70

Hellow i am Katy.My mother is 35 years and she is social worker.My father is 45 years and he is bulldozer driver.My sister wants to go to military school but can not because she wear glasses.                     
                                                 KISSES TO ALL:((:((:((:((:((

My grandma is 80 years old. I love her. She cooks very nice. She dosen't like go out. Sometimes she goes out with us. 

My grandmother 54 years old.

hi  iam from saudi Arebia.....!! iam very love grendmam she old ?72 and my granddad he old?99 iam very love grend mam and dad