Do you have a lucky number? What do different numbers mean in your country? Are some luckier than others? Can you count backwards very quickly? Try to count backwards from 20 to 0 in English and tell us how long it takes you! Have fun!

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My lucky number is nine it took me 15 sec.

My lucky number is 3. 13 is an unlucky number in my country.  I can backwards in 15 seconds.

ah.....could you help me miss lucky mouse??

Well.... I can help you PrincessCloudyFly . How about number1. I like number1 , because is espacially . At class I allways want to a good pupil .

My lucky number is 6.  In the United States, 7 is lucky and 13 is not.  666 is bad.   I counted backwards in 7 seconds.

My lucky number is 9. In Poland 13 is a bad luck number. Yes, i can count backwards . It took me 12 s

Hi Gold Athlete Today,

13 is an unlucky number in the UK too. Wow! You counted backwards very quickly. Can anyone do it faster than 12 seconds? I know, I can't! 

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

What is your real name MissLuckyMouse?

Hi Young Glass 2

You're very curious! My real name is Joanna, but all my friends call me Jo. When I work on the website my name is Miss Lucky Mouse! 

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

 Nice name, Miss Lucky Mouse!