Happy New Year! Many people make New Year's resolutions in January.

Your Turn: New Year's Resolutions

A resolution is something that you are going to do or change, for example:

'I'm going to do my homework the same day that I get it.'
'I'm going to eat more fruit each week.'

Do people make New Year's resolutions in your country? What are your New Year's resolutions? Post your comment and tell us!

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Hi !
my name is princessvolcanoskittle
my new year resolution is to go on a diet and to score good marks in my exams.

 Yes, here in my country we make resolution. This year mine New Year's resolutions are:

  • study hard, 
  • having fun, 
  • visit some special place in my country,
  • play basketball, 
  • go online with my friends. :)

My new year's resolution is to eat less pizza's !!!!!

Hi, my name is Hussein. I love this new year very much. In Dubai it was very hyper. And in Egypt it is 12;00 aclock 2014 is my favoret year aver . And happy new year

Me too I will study very hard and evry day too. Good byyyyyy

  •  When the new year come i was making a party  for  crismas   and hallowen
Hi Columbia Kids,
You all have excellent resolutions. 
Good luck and I hope you have a successful year!

LearnEnglish Kids team

my new years resolution is being respectfull , win the school year, practice more soccer

my goal is to graduate and pass the year to be someone in life and all.

My goal is Pass the school year, and I want going to New York.
I love this City and I want Know It