Happy New Year! Many people make New Year's resolutions in January.

Your Turn: New Year's Resolutions

A resolution is something that you are going to do or change, for example:

'I'm going to do my homework the same day that I get it.'
'I'm going to eat more fruit each week.'

Do people make New Year's resolutions in your country? What are your New Year's resolutions? Post your comment and tell us!

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I love this site

Hi PrincessBlueElk,
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I'm going to change my enlish skills are better and I can help all people too.
I'm going to make new friends.
I can do every thing if I want

new years resaloution is were you write about what you want to improve next year. even my country celebrate new ears resaloution.

i will become better in english

My New Year's Resolution is:

  • I'm going to get straight A's for my exam.
  • I will become a good daughter.

My New Year resolution study hard and be healthly.

 My New Year's resolutions are:

  • I want to study English language 
  • I with my family are healthy
  • I visit new places 
  • I want to know new people (kids)
Hi everyone and Happy New Year from the LearnEnglish Kids team!

Best wishes for 2014,
LearnEnglish Kids team

I will  write every day.  Maya

I will write a diary every day. Nina