How many surnames do people usually have in your country? Do you know anyone with a middle name? Do you have a favourite name? What's a good name for a pet?

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Hi hope someone can be my friend and in nigeria we have names like: Oyioza,Oiza,Onimisi,Asuku,Obbina and so on. Bye y'all and remember i need a buddy ok. 

Hi!. I'm from Mexico. I don't have a middle name. In my country people usually have two surnames. My sister has a middle name, but she doesn't like it. My favourite name is Fairuz, it's a lebanese name that means turquoise. My pet's name is Cirila. I think a good name for a pet is "Pancha" 

My name is Éloïse. In Canada most of the people just have 1 Familie name.
My surname is Élo . My Father calls me Lulu. He have very match firstnames. I like my Name and I think that this is a nice Name. For a pet-name I like things like «Toffee» or «Bul».The dog that we hat for 1 month was called «Toffee». 

In England everyone has only one surname. I have a middle name and it is grace my middle name is the same as my grandma's! My favourite name is Aliya because it is my name :) A good name for a pet doggy is Crumble:D LOL

In Croatia people have one surname but if  they are married can have two. I do not have a middle name but my  mum has a middle name. My favourite name is Elisabeth. Good name for a pet is Lili.

In my country people ussually have one surename and two(moustly after weddings)

Hi I am Ari and I am new and my middle name is Onyioza and a lot of people in Africa have middle names.

In Croatia we have many, many surnames; like Horvat. To me, in Croatia, my pet will (if i will have a pet) will have name Mimić (ć or č = ch).

HELLO!  My name is Alyssa
I now someone who have a middle name. That's my family.But I never say my middle name because it doesn't matches with my name!
a good name for a pet might be Spiky. 
mostly people have 1 surname but some of them have 2. Before saying bye I have question.
do you have a best friend? does he/she have 1surname or 2?



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