How many surnames do people usually have in your country? Do you know anyone with a middle name? Do you have a favourite name? What's a good name for a pet?

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I am Andrés.I like Tommy for a pet name.The name I like most is Steven and for a girl name is Nina.

Hello,I live in Pakistan.People call me with 2 names,I like Umer.

Umer do you want to be freind with me my name is Ibrahim  i am waiting for your reply.

umer how are you?

 Thank you for asking....Well,I am very well fine....

 Hi! My name is Macarena. I´m from Uruguay. My favourite name is Nicole, and a beautiful name for a pet is Sophie. 

 hello My name is Jullie and my nickname is Judy People like to call me Judy And i had 2 cats one is lilly and the other is cuty

hello! my name is alexandra,i come from italy and monaco,
my favorite name is? Alexandra, i like the name miley, and a good name for a pet (dog) is toby or luna, and for a cat is paloma

Hi hope someone can be my friend and in nigeria we have names like: Oyioza,Oiza,Onimisi,Asuku,Obbina and so on. Bye y'all and remember i need a buddy ok. 

Hi!. I'm from Mexico. I don't have a middle name. In my country people usually have two surnames. My sister has a middle name, but she doesn't like it. My favourite name is Fairuz, it's a lebanese name that means turquoise. My pet's name is Cirila. I think a good name for a pet is "Pancha"