How many surnames do people usually have in your country? Do you know anyone with a middle name? Do you have a favourite name? What's a good name for a pet?

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 hello my name is carlota .I have two dogs  (Piros and  Troya) and my sister has two rabits. I LOVE ANIMALS.

Hello, I'm Daniela. I have got a dog (yorkshire). My favourite name for dog is Coco, for cat is Risita, for fish is Nemo, for horse is Diamont, for bird is Piolín and for rabbit is Tambor. Bye bye.

My favorite pet name is Loly cause that is my cute cat's name! Oh, and if you want, you can call my cat Lolypop! ^^

I think that in Donetsk 543 surnames have . I without knowing people with my name. By the way my name is Xenia.
Good name of an animal it Front sight, Skating rink, Tinani and Bagira

I'm Joy,
in the UK they use only 1 surname, i do not know anyone with a middle name but my favorite name is Taylor and pet girl will be Veshia and a boy Mckenzie. One question, what is your favorite name and country?

Hi, my name is (in LearnEnglish Kids) AgentRedDragon. I like cats. I'm can write and talk English very well. If you SilverGirl10, I can help you whit your English. :)

i am elma . i am from albania . in my country people has one surname . my favorite name for pet is jerry  , i like it because i like star carton tom and jerry . 

Hi! My name's Alfred. I live in ALBANIA.I have got two brothers,ALtin and Shpetim.My  mum  name is MImoza and she is teacher.My dad name is Sokol and he is carpanter.

Hello my name is Ayra  i don,t have a pet  but if i will have on i will name her susan if  a boy pet then jack

 hello everybody!
I'm from south korea.
my full name is Minhee Kim.but this name is english expressions.
In korea,people are call my name was "Kim Minhee".My nickname is mini.
because my name and mini is so similar,and my stature is little bit small.