How many surnames do people usually have in your country? Do you know anyone with a middle name? Do you have a favourite name? What's a good name for a pet?

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  1. my name is rawan
  2. i will have a cat yay but i dont know any names for cats
  3.  can any one say to me any names
  4. please

My name is Mara, my dad's name is Vladimir, my mum's name is Inna, my broyher's names are Gleb and Alexey. We are from Russia!!!

My name is Anne I love pets,my pets' names are Julie and Marmaid,they are dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hello Anne, how are you? My pet dog is called Julie too! Bye Bye

My name is DJTableDJ , In our counry , people uauelly use wai , li , wu , zao , zang.       Yes ,  I do .   Yes, I do ,It is WJL . A good name for dog is Wang wang .                                     

My name is Alexander.A good name for cats is Poupy. 

 Hi Alexander,

my favourite name for a cat is blackpow.


I am Ibrahim from pakistan and I think floppy is a good name for a dog.

My name is ibrahim and I live in PAKISTAN Im  a good reader and also a good writer so I was wondering if i can give you a poem wich i wrote it my self so plese tell me how to give you my poem

 HI! I living in VIETNAM, i vant to friend with you, OK?