How many surnames do people usually have in your country? Do you know anyone with a middle name? Do you have a favourite name? What's a good name for a pet?

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Hi! My name is Lucy! People in the UK have 1 surname. Yes! I know a girl with a middle name. My favourite name is... hmm... Angie? Yup, I think Angie. Short for Angela. And these are the pet names: For a tortoise; Tortilla. For a dog, Midnight Sky, For a cat; Tabby. For; a turtle, Toto. For a duck, rubber! Only joking I'd call a duck Squishy. And finally... MY FAVOURITE ANIMAL... A UNICORN! THIS FANTASY CREATURE WOULD BE CALLED... *dun dun dunnnnnnn* Popcorn The Unicorn!

My name is Isabella, my favourite name is my name! :D


Hello! My name is Ali Emir. In Turkey we have one surname.My favorite names is Özgür ,Enes and Barış.My favorite pet name is Boncuk.I haven't got a pet :(.I wish if I had a cat.Good bye!

People here have one surename and name. Maybe some women has middle surname. No, I don't know anyone. Yeah, I have: Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, Ana (my name) and Zayn. I like Papi name for pet. :)

My favourite pet name is Mestan.It is cat's name.

In my country people use one or two surname. My nickname is Faiza. Fateema is my middle name.  I like to call my pet "Gubbus", he is a rabbit.

in my country we can have up to two surnames
I have a middle name
good names for pet dogs are Fido or Max.

My  favourite name is  !!!  IRIA 
A good name for a pet is Whiskers.

Hi, my name is Irene.My favourite girls' names are Andromachi, Arsinoi, Jocasta and Klemendine. My favourite boys' names are Dimitris and Iasonas. Here in Greece people have usually one or even two names and one surname. A good name for a dog is Ivan and for a cat Sousi.