Do you play a musical instrument? If so, what do you play? What sort of music do you like listening to? 

Your Turn: Music
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I play the piano but I prefere listen to music because it's so cool. I love the groups pignoise, simple plan, green day, train, back eyed peas, fito i fitipaldis..My favourites singers are Sean Kingston, Taio Cruz, Akon, Britney Spears... My favourite tipe of music is the pop music and the reggae music.

 I'm not playing a instrument
 I like miley cyrus and selena gomez

Yes. I play the recorder. I like: Replay by Sean Kingston, La chica perfecta ( The perfect girl) by Cruza en rojo.

im like music very nice i can playing recorder piano i wanting to play guitar and drums.

I would like to play violin or piano and I like taylor swift

I really agree agree with Happy Saphire 90. Miley is such a beautiful girl, and i also like Taylor Swift. Anyway, they're friends.
I prefer listening to music to playing the piano, but i enjoy the piano too.

I really agree  Miley  is beautiful girl!!! and I love Taylor Swift  because her songs are very very very spectacular!!!

I don't play any instruments for now, but I am planning to learn how to play the piano. I also enjoy listenning to music a lot!

I donot play instument but i like to listen music. when i feel sad than i listen sad music. when i feel happy i listen some  jazy.when i feel tried i can listen music and then i feel fresh

I'm not playing a instrument , but i like to listen to it :)