Have you got a mobile phone? If so, how old were you when you got it? If not, do you ever use your parents' phones? Do you play games on their mobile phone? Do you think people spend too much time using mobile phones these days? Tell us what you think! 

Your Turn: Mobile Phones
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I have a mobile pone but i not play games.

i don't have but i use my parent phone. i use instagram .

I don't have a phone but I have a nintendo switch. Do you have one? My favourite game is Child of Light (COFL)

Yes I have nintendo switch.

I have a mobile since I am 7 years old. I use Instagram and Tik Tok!!!

I have a mobile phone. I got my phone this year. I don’t use my parents phones. At my phone I like playing bravl stars and minecraft , this are my favourite games.

I don't have a phone but I use my parents' phone. I play brawl stars and fortnite. in playstation I play fortnite and in nintendo switch I play fortnite. Go fortnnnnnnnnnitteeee!!

I dont have my own mobile phone. Sometimes I use my parents phones but not for playing games. I think people use for a lot of time their phones!!!

yes but i lots it

I do not have mobile phone.