Which languages do you speak? Which languages do you speak at home and at school? Which language do you read in? Which language do you watch TV or films in? Which language do you dream in?

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i speak arabic and Tigrinya
i can speak  and read and write arabic very well because i live in ksa
i speak tigrinya very well because i'm eritreain but i cann't read and write in it. i will learn how to read and write in it soon because my language tigrinya is easy to learn.
i speak only  arabic at school and little tigrinya at home
i read in arabic, and now english
i like watch tv and films in english translated to arabic but now i'm trying to watch films in english to improve my english 

i'm polish.i speak polish at school and home i speak polish . i can speak a little english and little germany.

I speak Arabic and English and I am studing French.I also know some words in Japanese and Chinese.

I am Welsh but we live in China.
I speak English and Chinese. I speak English in my home.
I watch TV in Chinese.
I read in English. I talk in my sleep in English and Chinese.


I am a chinese.  I live in China.I hope to become a friend with you.

of course we are friends, queen duck cockroach.

i live in Israel. i speak Hebrew. I watch tv English

 hi guys  i am  Seb  whats your dogs name?

i speak dutch at home and at school. on the tv i hear dutch and english. i sometimes speak english at school and at home and on vacation! I read dutch and english books. i sometimes play english games like cranium cadoo. and i listen to english songs.

Hi  my name  is  jon .  I  live in  the Bask  Country  which is in the north of Spain.I  speak 3  lenguages   1 is  spanish  2  is  bask  and  3  is  english. At home more often i speak  spanish but at school  more often i speak bask. More often i read books in bask and I  watch TV  in  both.  Sometimes  I  watch something  in  english.
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