Which languages do you speak? Which languages do you speak at home and at school? Which language do you read in? Which language do you watch TV or films in? Which language do you dream in?

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Hi, i am egile of lithuania next day (2012-03-12) i go to english contest (teatchers sayd to my and three my friends we go in there.) I thing we gonna win!!!
best wishes, Egg

I speak in Bahasa Melayu and English at home.At school I speak in Bahasa Melayu because my friends don't  know how to speak in English.When I enter this site I can communicate with all of you,I hope I can improve my English.

Hello, I am Victoria.
I Speak:

  • Little Hebrew
  • English so much
  • Speak spanish all

In  My home: 

  • Spanish ever

In my School:

  • English in class of English
  • Spanish in Lenguage, mathematics,social scienses, natural sciences,music, art , computing, technology and library

Well, bye to all

hi everybody!

I speak:

  • russian
  • little english
  • little kazakh

At home and at school I speak russian because I am russian. I learn English at school))) and learn kazakh because I leave in Kazakhstan. But I like English=)

I love to chat. Sometimes when I start to talk with my friends I go on talking and taking until they are fed up. I talk almost all the time. My friend says when the teachers teach talk and talk and when the teacher is absent I have nothinf to talk. Yes! That's true!
I can speak three languages. Sinhala, English and French. I am Sri Lankan so I known Sinhala, I go to an International School so I speak a lot of English, I learn French in school. I am good in all three languages. At home I mosty speak in Sinhala, in school I speak mostly in English, I speak in Sinhala as well, and during the French period I have to speak in French. I get good marks for all three languages.
                                                    White Tulip 9 :))

Hi! My name is Felix. I live in China. I speak Chinese at home and at school. In my dream, I also speak Chinese. But, I am learning English.

Hello ! My name is Dea. I can speak 2 languages. That's English and Indonesian language. I speak Indonesian at home at school and almost everywhere. I speak English little bit at school and I always speak English at my English Course,EF Taman Mini. When I go home from EF with my mom,I some times speaks English. My English is better than my mom ( It's a secret ).

Hi, my name's Putri.. :)
I can speak Indonesian, English and Balinese.
I speak Indonesian at school and speak Balinese at home.
I watch TV in Indonesian, and sometimes English.
My dream language is French. I'm so excited to French ! I don't know why.. :D

i speak arabic and Tigrinya
i can speak  and read and write arabic very well because i live in ksa
i speak tigrinya very well because i'm eritreain but i cann't read and write in it. i will learn how to read and write in it soon because my language tigrinya is easy to learn.
i speak only  arabic at school and little tigrinya at home
i read in arabic, and now english
i like watch tv and films in english translated to arabic but now i'm trying to watch films in english to improve my english 

i'm polish.i speak polish at school and home i speak polish . i can speak a little english and little germany.