Which languages do you speak? Which languages do you speak at home and at school? Which language do you read in? Which language do you watch TV or films in? Which language do you dream in?

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My name is oscar.I m from spain. I speak :
Little french
My dreams are in spanish   :)

Hello evrybody.
My name is hajer.
I'm from Egypt.
I live in saudi arabia. I speak 3 languages :
- Arabic
_ English
_ Little Frensh
I speak Arabik at school, and i speak Arabic and little English at home.I joined this site becuse i love the English

Hello everybody!

My name is Maryam. I'm from Egypt. I live in Saudi Arabia. I speak 3 languages:

- Arabic
- English
- little Italy

I like to speak English, Italy and Arabic. I like to communicate with all of you in English. I like to know about different cultures and countries. I love my country.

Do you like your country? I think Yes!

My dreams are in English and Arabic.

Enjoy your time :)

Hello everybody!
How are you doing?
I am Engy. I'm from Egypt. I speak Arabic all the time. I speak English in my English class. I love English.I'm new in this site. I want to improve my English.
Enjoy your time :)


Well my comment Angie

from maryam

I Can speck

  • Vietnamese
  • a little German
  • English
  • a little Japaneese
  • a littl spanish

At home

  • English
  • Vietnameese

At school

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Japaneese

Most of the time i do everything in English. How about you ?

Hi. What your name? My name is Phuong Anh. I can speak Vietnamese, too. Very fun if done friend with you

  • I can speak this languages:
  • English
  • turkish
  • arabic

 I speak in English, Hindi and a little Marathi, because we live in Maharastra. I also know a few words in Japanese and I know the Japanese and Chinese alphabets. I know a few words in French, too. I speak Hindi, English and Marathi at home. I speak in English for all classes at school except Hindi class. Then I speak in Hindi. And in Marathi class we speak Marathi and the teacher explains in English. I read in English, but i sometimes read French, Marathi and Hindi. I watch TV and films in English and Hindi and sometimes Japanese. I dream in English, Hindi and sometimes Marathi.