Which languages do you speak? Which languages do you speak at home and at school? Which language do you read in? Which language do you watch TV or films in? Which language do you dream in?

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I can speak two languages:Vietnamese and English
At home and at school, I speak Vietnamese. And sometime, at home and at  English class I speak English.
The languages I read is Vietnamese. And sometimes I read   English short stories.
When I watch TV and film,the languages I watch is English.
And I wish I can speak Chinese, French,Spanish

I´m from Galicia in Spain and I can speak spanish, galician, english and french.
At home I speak galician. At school I speak galician. I learn english, french and spanish.

Hello, halu, merhaba
i can speak three languages. They are Turkish,English and German.

i speak indonesian languages at home and at school. i watch tv and film sometimes in indonesian or english. of course i dream in indonesian languages.

 I speak:
- English ( I see movies and with my friend and father)
-Spanish (I have school all day)
-Little bit of German
-And a little bit of Italian

Hello ! I'm speak 4 languages :
-German(I'm learning) 

 I speak on these languages


In school I speak on english at home I speak on arabic
arabic and english
arabic and english
my name is esra 
Iam from bahrain

I speak 2 languages:
I dream in Russian. ^_^

hello every body
how are you ?
I'm hajer.I'm from Egypt.I speak English somtimes.I speak arabic at school.
I'm happy to know this site. It's my first time here.

Hello everybody!

My name is Maryam. I'm from Egypt. I speak  languages:

- Arabic
- English
- little Italy

My dreams are in English and Arabic.

Enjoy your time :)