Which languages do you speak? Which languages do you speak at home and at school? Which language do you read in? Which language do you watch TV or films in? Which language do you dream in?

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will you be my freind please.

I used to speak in English. At home, my family usually speak both Indonesian and English. But i dream to speak in French and Latin. I love to here those and my dad says that it's one of the hardest languages. But I'm also learning Manadarin. And he says that it's also hard to learn and I heard from a movie that you have to learn 4,000 Chinese characters just to read a newspaper!!! WOW

Hi, my name is Denisa,
i can speak Indonesian, English and some parts of Japan and Korean .

Woow...You know, I am INDONESIAN Kids too My name is Pelangi, do you like my name ?? I can speak Indonesian, English, Japan, Korean, and also Mandarin. Do you want to be my close friend ?

Hi Denisa
I can speak Indonesian and English too! Same. And some parts Chinese. But I can't speak Korean and Japanese.

hi everyone!so,of course!I speak english!becauseit is the official language of my country.I speak french,english and mauritian's creole.i speak a bit espagnol,allemand and italian.
so i like the wayin which we can communicate
tchao,holla,gooodbye,au revoir!

Hello everyone. I'm Phuong Anh. I'm from Vietnam. Nice to meet you.
I learn English quite well. But I don't  know many words in English. So I hope you will help me a lot in for English

Hello! I´m Spanish,I can speak 2 languages:
my favourite language is english!
I speak very good english in my class

im use to speak urdu in my home and school to. i haven't got a person wo could speak with me in english but i'm seeking for it nd thats why i've joined this web site nd INSHALLAH i'll improve my english. my mother toung is urdu nd i respect it very much nd it is 3rd biggest language entire world on the other hand english is an international language that's why i'm learning this it's not my compulsion i just wanna communicate and interprate my feelings nd some important things in english when i have got need to do that.

Hello my name is Alba =) and I am from spain, I speak:

  • Spanish
  • English
  • Euskera (One lenguage from Vizcaya,Spain)

   And my dreams are in spanish.
                                     Bye Bye.