What do you want to be when you are older? What do you think are the best and the worst jobs?

Your Turn: Jobs
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 my jobs are to be safe and be nice to your friend and talk nice to everyone and talk to your friend. talk to your friend nice picture, no talking while eating at lunch

I want to be a famous engineer

 i want to be singer,model,teacher and docter i hope i can grant my ideal

I want to be a famous artist...or maybe a scientist :)

I'd like to be a doctor , this is for sure ! Maybe somewhere in england!

When  I   be    older  ,   I   want   to   be   an   archaeologist. Because   I   like     excavation    and    adventure.

Maybe i will be a teacher in the future

I want to be a ... deep breath......doctor,lawyer,writer,fashion designer,scientist,..
i think that the best job is scientist and the worst job is trash man.... PLEASE WRITE BACK

 Hey Miss Lucky Mouse!
I tell you about my busy day of today:
At 8 o 'clock I went to school where, for an hour, I have studied.
At 9 o'clock we left school and we went to the training camp. We had a snack when we arrived and we prepared to race against the the class 4th B (I'm in the 4th A).
While waiting for the other, we talked and we play the games between us.
After an hour it came our turn. I was very very nervous and very excited. I was afraid of making mistakes. But unfortunately my class has lost against class 4th B, who won a prize. Some have left the camp with a sad face, some crying, others commenting.
But I am not sad to have lost, I'm happy because I enjoyed doing the race and I could have stay away from school for a day.

At half past twelve p.m. we went home.  

 Tomorrow I will go with my class at training camp. We'll have a race and the class thatwins will receive a prize. But my classmates are very slow and so will never win :-(

I have practiced a lot, even at home, but it did not depend only by me, unfortunately.