What do you want to be when you are older? What do you think are the best and the worst jobs?

Your Turn: Jobs
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I want to be a football player!!

i want to be an astronaut.its realy good!!!

Hello kitty. my name is Mercedes and i want to be a writer when i get older.
I think the best job (besides writing) is to be a vet or a teacher. And the worst one is to be an astronaut, because he takes too many risks to go to the moon.

i want to be a surgeon doctor because it is a great experience discovering internal body

I want to be a scientist and invent a time machine! But the problem is that, i hate studies!

I want to be a doctor because i like helping people. I think every job is great...i mean who i am to disagree that? :D

I agree with you!

I want to be a businessman

the best job is a doctor.

my dads job is earth science universty!!!