Do you get homework from your school? How much homework do you do each week? Does anybody help you with your homework? Do you like doing homework?

Your Turn: Homework
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I always get homeworks from my school. I don't have a lot of homeworks but every week I'm trying to do some maths or English. Sometimes my mom helps me but it's not often. I like doing my homeorks when they are on my favourite subjects.

i like my homework:)

Sometimes i like homework  especialy at english and romain

I love homework .

I don't like my  homework. It is a waste  of time. ;p

I thoroughly enjoy my homework most of the time, most days I get english, maths, french, history, geography and latin. Its not to much bad as long as I keep on top of it all. If I keep on top of all of my homework and do well in my classes I will stay in the top band. When I am older I really want to be a docter and my teachers are constantly telling us about the importance of working hard in school so that we can get the best career possible.

 I Love Homework Its something teachers spend time on and you should do it

i got lots of home work to do, our teachers gave us lodes of home work to do over the 2 week holidayz but its just that its too much, yh i nw tha after the holiday,after tha week it is going to be SATS but there putin to much preashure on us. there are people at home tha can help me but times have changed nw and what we learn in yr6 i dnt think even kids in yr 11 nw about it lolz

Hi Topaz Tabla Belt, Could you explain to other users what SATS exams are? Thanks a lot for writing to us. Good luck with the exams! Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)
  • I've got lots of homework
  • But I like it!!!!!