Do you get homework from your school? How much homework do you do each week? Does anybody help you with your homework? Do you like doing homework?

Your Turn: Homework
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oh my!!! I always get homework. Sometimes I must to learn overnight to done that. So I hate homeworks

Homework is good

 My homework  are  very easy. I don't like homework.

 I like homework!!!This is a part of my life!!!I like to learn, to write, to read, but I like very much to play outside!!!If I don't know something I ask my parents or my brother.Now i'm preparing to go to a olimpiad!

 sure  I get homeworks in my school....we are full of homeworks...I'm in the 8th grade and there is so much  work to do..(I mean if u want the best grade 10)but I have made it ....:D

 Actually I understand you I am on 8th grade too.We get a lot of homework.I hate doing homework but I feel guilty if I haven't done them.

When i go home the only thing i do first is eat lunch and do homework.Doing homeworks or learning is a job for me ....we have te dedicate school becuse school is very important.

Homework? I do my home work every day. My teachers are very kind, especially my Math teacher. They carry out their duties and work responsibility with concern for fellow students. Sometimes, when my class is noisy or naughty, our teachers will give us more homework to do for punishment. And sometimes when we are good, our teachers will be happy to see us behaving like that, so there will be just a little homework. At home, I do my homework myself. When I have difficulties in my homework, I will ask "The Mute Teacher" (Dictionary) to help me or ask my parents and teachers. They help me much. Thank You.

 I always do my home-work by myself.If I don't know something , I ask my parents. Teachers in my school don't give us many homeworks.So it's great!

We only have homework in Y6