Do you get homework from your school? How much homework do you do each week? Does anybody help you with your homework? Do you like doing homework?

Your Turn: Homework
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We have very interesting things for homework in british council. The homework's are short or large but we learn a lot.  I like jo because she explains very good

I get homeworks from my teachers everyday. I am Linh from Hanoi hihi, (i forgot to introduce myself.). I do my homework myself, sometimes my brother help me with difficult ones . I like to do Art homework.

   I like do my homework,my homework is so easy,and it is not a lot!
                                                                                                                                                                      Your Dear Alice

I don't like homeworks
I have at least 12 homework a week
no body help me

 Hii..:) i Have a lot of homework too...But However  I'm used to do that :(

I like doing homework and i like school...

i like homeworks

   I 'm Alice, I like do my homework.Because I 'm good at  doing my homework .

oh my!!! I always get homework. Sometimes I must to learn overnight to done that. So I hate homeworks

Homework is good