Do you get homework from your school? How much homework do you do each week? Does anybody help you with your homework? Do you like doing homework?

Your Turn: Homework
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I have a lot homework to do in my house, because in my country the school only give 5 hours for class. I love to do my homework. My favority subject is math.

I have a lot of homework every day. i don't  really like homework. I would like to have more free time.

Hi, i have to do my home work  almost daily but my mom help me doing that.

 Hi guys, 
Oh! homework can be such a pain.However,they do help you to revise daily activities in school. I get a lot of homework everyday . My mom helps me to do it .We get lots of homework in maths,science ,english and hindi.I get tired but my mother forces me to do it and i am good at it.

 i don'y have may homework but not less 

I have a lot of homework in a week a teacher gave me 7 tests with 17 or more questions. ı had to do those in a day!

 I like my homework. 


I  usually get homework from school, I do my homework in my room when I arrive at home. Nobody help me to do my homework and I don't like the homework, it's very boring and  takes you a lot of time.

Yes, we have a lot of homework each week. Every week we have a lot of homework and exams, so we spend every evening to study. Sometimes, the parents help us, when we don't know a thing or an answer. We don't  like doing homeworks, it's very boring.