October 31 is Halloween. Do you celebrate Halloween where you live? If so, what do you do? If not, what do you know about this spooky day? Happy Halloween! 

Your Turn: Halloween
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We haven't got Halloween in Turkey. Also we haven't got Easter.

I love halloween. we are reading scearm storys or watch harror films. Some People cook pumkin Pie and eat.WE are wears costume (ex: angel,evil,witchAnd films carecters).

Hi. we don't clebrate it in my country. We learn abut that in a book. You dress costumes and go to the doors and ask for gifts. We do it in Novruz holiday.

I like Halloween

i like Halloween because i like dressing up in different costume every year it so fun but  the best bit is that u can go round and get the  sweet then eat them hehheheheheh !

i like Halloween very much

Well,I adore Halloween but in Greece.....we dont ceelebrate halloween! My dream is just for a day to say <<Treack orTreat;>>

We celebrate Halloween in Poland . We organize parties and we have a great time