October 31 is Halloween. Do you celebrate Halloween where you live? If so, what do you do? If not, what do you know about this spooky day? Happy Halloween! 

Your Turn: Halloween
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I like Halloween. Its a excitng and funny festival. But in eastern we dont have this festival, so i can only feel it from website or my freign language teacher. Anyway, i still like it.

we don't because if we do were just going to wast our halloween time and I can't because my parents say no but the really best thing I like about halloween is you get lots of candy's and there is lots of scary costumes.

we had a nice Holloween this year. 
It was my first one in canada.
In my country we did not have Holloween. 
But in Canada we have. 
I like it. 

I don't always celebrate but I do but most of the times I don't because I want to get candy's and eat theme but if I keep celebrating  I well just wast all my halloween time but do you know what I really like about hallaween you can get a 1000 candy's and scary dresses. 

We don't have this kind of festival in here.

 i  live  in  georgia  we  dont  have   halloween

i'm from georgia and we don't celabrate halloween! but i know about halloween:)

i live in egypt but we don't have halloween we just take a vacation i wish that we have halloween
bay bay 

 Hallowen :']] !! I'M From Tirana In Albania ..! In my country,we dont',celebrated this party :(( ! BUT i like itt and i like to celebrated it ! Hallowen isn't scary party !

Hi everybody! 
Yes. I do celebrate Halloween in UK. It is a very fun day when we get to go knock at houses' doors and ask for candy in our costumes. This is called "Trick-Or-Treating" This year I am dresing up as a Dead Ballet Dancer with BUTTON EYES! I do not buy costumes. I make them. My brother's birthday is on the same day as Halloween! He is very lucky! Everytime people see his birthday badge on his costume they say:
"Oh! Happy Halloween birthday to you! Here is some extra candy!"
Hi hi! It's very funny because they're about to close their doors and then they just realize the badge! 
Halloween is my favourite day of the year! Hope you have fun this Halloween!
Love from Veronica, 10, UK.