What colour is your hair? Is your hair long or short? Is your hair curly, wavy or straight? Do you have a favourite hairstyle? Do you like going to the hairdresser's?


Your Turn: Hair
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My hair colour is brown, and it is long and curly, but my favourite hairstyle is long, brown and straight. I somtimes went to the hair dresser and cut my hair but the hair dresser don´t cut my hair very mutch because he is saying that I have a nice hair.



My hair is black
it is very long
i like to go to the hairdresser
it is not wavy

My hair is black.
My hair is very long.
My hair is wavy.
I like going to the hairdresser.

 hello everybody. I have a long hair and straight, i clean  my hair everyday.

My hair is brown.
My hair is short and straight.
I don't like going to the haindresser's.

Hello! I've got a short black hair and it's straight. I like sometimes to colour it brown, but my mum don't like that. I clean my hair every day at home. I just go to the hairshop to make my hair shorter.

my hair curly and blonde

 My hair is black. My hair is long. My hair is also sleek and straight. I do not like to go to the hair-dresser's because I want longer hair.

 My hair is black. It's short and curly. But I like to have a long and straight hair. I love going  to the hairdresser's very much.

Hello!My name is As-ham.My hair is medium sized and spiky.