What colour is your hair? Is your hair long or short? Is your hair curly, wavy or straight? Do you have a favourite hairstyle? Do you like going to the hairdresser's?


Your Turn: Hair
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My hairs is very very long . My hair is straight . My hair is brown .

I have long shiny black hair

I have a beautiful black hair.
My hair is long.
My hair is wavy.
My favorite hairstyle is fancy hairstyle with braids.
Yes! I like to go to the hairdresser.

i have a dark hair. my hairs are very short

my hair is very dark brown, short and straight. and my favorite hair style is mine blonde

My hair is dark brown, medium and curly. I like to go hairdressers. My favorite hair is long, straight, forlock and blue at edges.

My hair is black and very, very, long. It`s not like Rapunzel. My hair is silky.

My hair is very very long its brown and a litlle bit blond i love my hair how it is

My hair is black.

My hair is brown, medium high and smooth!