Do you like fruit? What's your favourite fruit? How many pieces of fruit do you eat every day?

Your Turn: Fruit
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Of course i like fruit . My favorite fruit is watermelon . I do not know how many slices of fruit i eat every day.

I love fruits all of them

 I love fruit

yup! i like fruits and i luv mangoes and pears! i eat 1 mango (in summer) everyday and pears everyday!!   ;)

Yes. I do.
I like all of the fruits.Excpt pineapple.
I'm not sure how many of fruit I eat every day.

 I like fruits such as citrus.
I eat one pear everyday.

I like fruits.
My favorite fruits are bananas, strawberries and watermelon
I don't eat fruits every day but I eat 2-3times a week.

yes,I like fruits.

I like watermelon and pear.

I eat two pieces.

1. Yes, I do.
2. I like strawberries.
3. I eat 6 strawberries/day.

Do you like fruit? yes
What's your favourite fruit? pineapple, apple, mango, watermelon
How many pieces of fruit do you eat every day? full piece of apple, 10 pieces of mango,10 or more pieces of watermelon