Do you like fruit? What's your favourite fruit? How many pieces of fruit do you eat every day?

Your Turn: Fruit
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 I dont like mango.Because it has a sour flavour and it tastes like a carrot. I prefer apples. Do you like apples?

  1.  Yes, I like fruit.
  2. My favourite fruit is pineapple and blackberry. 
  3. A lot : apple, banana and orange - everyday. 

I like fruit.My favourite fruit is apple.l eat 2 or 3 pieces every day.

Yes I like fruits.
My favourite fruit is strawberries and oranges.
I eat about 13 pieces a day. 

Yes I like fruit .

My favourite fruit is : Grapes .

I ate around 15 peacies .

 my name is Ömer. I like orange, apple, banana.

 Hi everybody,
I like fruit, i eat banana everyday , but my favourite fruit  is orange because i like juice orange

 I like apples, oranges,bananas,grapes mango and watermelon .............

Yes I like fruits. My favourite fruit is orange. I will eat 8 pieces of fruit everyday.