What do you like doing in your free time? What are your favourite activities and hobbies? How much free time do you have?

Your Turn: Free-Time Activities
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i like playing board games my hobby is danceing and drawing

I like read when I have free-time, or listen to music. I like play piano
Or sometimes I watch TV

I like to watch PCK PTE LTD

I like to draw, sing and play in my free times.My favourite activitie is listening musics i usually listen Kill This Love, Roar,Hello kitty,Last Christmas ,In to The Unknow,Shake It Of,Thunder,believer,Bad Guy and Old Town Road.I have 5 or 7 hours in a week.(free times)

I like walking and watching tv.

In my free time I like to watch "Nailed it" in Netflix. I also play tennis , and I love to listening music

I like reading in free time. My favourite activity is playing piano. My hobbies are making cake, dancesport, playing UNO card with my brother and my sister. I sometime have two or three hours for my hobbies.

I can do everything, but I moustli draw, play guitar, or play. My hobby is drawing and play my beloved guitar. I have medium free time, neither much nor little, but I have time for anithing!

I listen to music. I often listen to Girls Like You or Lily! : )

How much free time do you have?
In my free time, I like watching TV. My favourite hobbies are playing computer game. My free time 21 hours a day.