What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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My favourite food is:jelly,peanuts,pancackes,apple,tea,lollypop and my grandmother ckichens.

i love bread

My favourite food is spagutti .. i love it so much >> and i love yhe fast food too >

 My favorite food are:
Pizza,Tofu with my mom home made tomato chili sauce and ice cream:)

my favorite food is chesse and pancackes.

My favourite meal is spaguetti I like it a lot of and Chicharron con chile. It's really delicious

Hi Silly Whale Jeans,
Thanks for telling us about your favourite food. What is 'chicharron con chile'? Could you explain? Thanks! 
Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

my favouraite food is chicken and chips

I like PaBlow this on of our country traditional foods but our traditional meal in Sultanate of Oman is Bariani, its made of rice with one of this thimgs fish ,chicken or meat. They use delicious dressing when they were cooking it, its taked more than one hour to be ready. nourmaly we use it in lunch but somebady use it for denner.
I brevered it with fish and when my mother made it.

my favourite food is my mams delicious home made chicken kormas there a delight to eat because there really yummy and there special because there home made by my mam. A traditional dish from my country is fish and chips because im from britain.