What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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pizza and chips

Hi i am stellina. How are you?I'm fine.What are you doing now?

Hi! My name is Josep and I'm from Spain. My favourite food is paella. I love rice, vegetables and chicken.

Hi! My name is ALEX.My favourite food is fish!!!

Hi!I am stellina from albania.My favorite food is pizza,brokoli,spaghetti and beans.And my favorite fruits are plums.

Hi! My name is Maria, I am from Moscow. My favourite food is all My Mom`s cooking and different fruits: Mango, banana, apple...

Hi! I am Maria from Moscow. I tried some Mexican, France, Ukrainian, American food. My favourite food is burrito, french fries, different fruits and ice cream.

 Hi, I 'm from Vietnam. My favorite food is pho. Pho is traditional meal from my country. Welcome to Vietnam and try pho. It tastes delicious

My  name  is  Paula. My favorite food is spaghetti. Mi  favorite  fruit is strawberry. I  do not like  onions, but  I  like  the  brocoli.

Hi, My name is Aimee. My favourite food is rice, chicken curry and broccoli.