What's your favourite food? Tell us about a traditional meal from your country.

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my favourite food is pizza. traditional food for my coutry is mean "bigos" is a cabbage with sausage

Hello !
My favorite food is noodles and ice cream.
A traditional meal from my country is rice and curry.

Traditional meal from my country? Uhmm I don't know... maybe potatoes....

My favourite food is pizza.

My favourite foods are noodle soup,pizza,crips,ice cream and sushi.

My favorite foods are pizza, fried chicken, salad and beef noodle. In my country, the traditional is a "chung" cake .

Hello.I like pizza and ice cream !!!!

my favorite food are meatball

My favourite food is pizza. I really love eating pizza. My country's traditional meal is Nasi Lemak.

My favorite food is pizza