Think of a flag – it can be the flag of a country or an invented one. What colour or colours is it? What shapes does it have? Do you like the flag? Why or why not?

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I am from VietNam, I'm Vietnamese my flag color is red square with a yellow star

I'm from VietNam, my country's flag is red square and yellow star in the middle of the flag. I like the flag. because it is unique and symbol of VietNam

i'm from vietnam

hello everybody . My name ANNA , I am from VietNam

I am from Myanmar. My country flag is yellow is top,green is middle
and the red is bottom,star is middle. I congratulations my country
flag . It show brave and courage . Your visit my country . Your see culture
and civilization.Your come my country.Your know why I talk.

canada is my country.(rahimas country)

I am from Romanian

I am from india

i live in Indonesia. my flag of country is red and white. red is brave and white is holy.