Have you got a favourite word in English? Which words do you really like? Have you learned any new words by watching our Word of the week videos? 

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is anyone one so we can talk

Hi QueenPopClimate! What's your group? Is it a music club? I love music! I think we have the same hobby!

Yes its going to be a music club the club is that we talk about our favourite musics
So want to join?

hi queenpopclimate i also want to join your music club

My favourite word is defintly Rock and Roll because i love music
and i am new so anyone want to join my club ???

um ..................lest see oh ya my favourite word in English is water because i remmber to drinck water

My favorite is my family that I love very much and I can not live without it

so many words .............
Well my favorite word is love

my favorite word is... I don't no! I don't have a favorite word in English.

my favourite word is money because i love to be rich