Have you got a favourite word in English? Which words do you really like? Have you learned any new words by watching our Word of the week videos? 

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 Hi Smiling Yoyo Mermaid!
On the page ..... you can find a beautiful song from a beatiful story!

Hi Lady Pigeon Piglet,

Sorry, but you are not allowed to share links to other websites here. You can explain where to find the story in words, but not with direct links. Ok? I have deleted the link in your comment above.

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

 Ok, excuse me!
But I can explain were to find the web page, right?

 My favourite word is melody.

my feivorite word is hedgehog

My fovorite word is unicorn!

my favorite word is family & friends

 I totally agree... Family n friends are everything to me.... Maybe to u to....

is anyone one so we can talk

Hi QueenPopClimate! What's your group? Is it a music club? I love music! I think we have the same hobby!