Have you got a favourite T-shirt? What does it look like? Did you choose it or did someone give it to you? Is it old or new? Tell us about your favourite T-shirt.

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I have got a Jamaican t-shirt its cool if only I could show It right now.So I'll describe it to you instead. It's white  with a large Jamaican flag on the front. The flag is in the shape of a rectangle it has 3 colours, a yellow diagonal cross, green triangles top and bottom and black triangles on the left and right. It has the name Jamaica In black capital letters above the flag.I love the Jamaican flag It's reminds me of Usain Bolt also I love the colours.

i have a favorite t-shirtit is blue :D

My favorite T-shirt is pink,it has stripes and litle holes so I can see my belly.It is still new because my grandmother bough it for me 2 months ago.I love to wear it when I am on the seaside because it goes good with my tan.my grandmother choose it for me.It was very big suprise for me.All my friends love it also.

I have my favorite T-shirt. It is pink and has picture like newspaper. I chose it myself. It is new. 

I have a blue T-shirt .it is new.i like it and i wear it now.its a gift from my mother

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i also have a t shirt

My favourite T-shirt is pink. It's new and I chose it myself

I have a favourite T-shirt.
 It is black and a kitten with a hat. The kitten looks like my cat. My cat 's name is Minouche. He is 2 and a half.
I want a T-shirt with 3 kittens and another with a wolf. I love kittens.
Yes, I choose it. It is old.

I love France.
Dear JadeBluebellBat,
I love to have a t-shirt like yours.

I have a favorite T-shirt,it is white and pink and soft.
It has painted a fairy with her pet.
It´s beautiful!
If you had one, you would  love it.
I didn´t choose it,my mother gave it to me.
It is old.
It belong to a neighbour.