Have you got a favourite T-shirt? What does it look like? Did you choose it or did someone give it to you? Is it old or new? Tell us about your favourite T-shirt.

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Hi! Yes I have favourite T-shirt. It's white and it has a picture of one band on it - One Direction. Yes I choose it by myself. It's old about maybe one year. 
I was on vacation, and I'm a huge fan of this band. I was walking around the beach, and there were shops. Than I noticed the T-shirt. Lucky I was with my mum so I told her and she bought it. Even today I were sometimes that T-shirt. I think until I'm a huge fan of 1D I'll wear this T-shirt. Maybe, even when I'm not going to be their fun I'll wear it. :)

I have a got black T-shirt  . I do like it . It looks well . I choose it . It is new

 Hi my name is Lakshmi my favourite T-shirt is a football T-shirt of Brazil my father bought it for me      when he went to Brazil . Its yellow in colour with some green colour stripes on it . On  the front side of the T-shirt  in a corner is the foot ball symbol of Brazil ,on the back side of the T-shirt is the name of the player and       his number 
player:Luis fabiano  player No:9

 My favourite shirt is  a Winx club T-shirt. It says  Winx club on it and I bought it at a toy store.  I love it!

I Got A Favorite T-shirt too!
Its black and it has a white crown on it it even said Gold coast Under the crown its quite new

I have a T-shirt that is my fav,it is just black and it is strechie. I have lots of fav T-shirts

I have a lot of T-shirts.I like all of them,
but I have one that I don't  like very much.It is pink and it has a picture of Hello Kitty.
My aunt bought it in Spain.
         Good luck;)

I have a favorite T-shirt. It's blue, green and white. My mom have bought it for me. That T-shirt looks quiet old but I still like it. 

My favourite t-shirt is look like  some white t-shirt but in this t-shirt there is some beautiful pictures.
And my mum buy this t-shirt to me.This t-shirt is new:)

My favourite t shirt is green, i love it!!