Have you got a favourite pair of shoes? What colour are they? Are they boots, trainers, sandals or party shoes? Are they old or new? Tell us all about your favourite shoes! 

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 My favorite shoes are my violet Converse!!! I love Converse

yes i have a favorite shoes .the type of the shoes is crocs(all star) if you now it .thr couler of my shoes is red and dark blue and its new .
love my shooooooooooes:))))

Hi! My name is Nastya.
I have got many different shoes.
My favorite shoes are colored. And I love the shoes with small heels too.

These are my favorite shoes:

  • Birkenstock
  • Nike
  • Boots

I"m from Australia! I like sandals and everyone said: " They're totally 'It"! Last year, Sarah, my friend, wear sandals to a dance. She fell down on to the floor, everyone felt horrible. So that's why i don't wear shoes to the dance.

my favorite shoes are my white and pink trainers.

my favorite shoe is nike sports shoe

pink shoe

my faforite shoes his high heels

Hey, how old are u?
If you are under 12, you're not aloud to wear high heels!