Have you got a favourite pair of shoes? What colour are they? Are they boots, trainers, sandals or party shoes? Are they old or new? Tell us all about your favourite shoes! 

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I have pair of trousers.It is my favorite shoes! 

i have a pair of favorit shoes. the colour is pink. my favorit one is party shoes. they are new. but they just in my dream. 

 hi everyboody ,
my favorite shoes  are trainers because with them i can run,and play.

 Hi!I have many shoes at home.I am always in fashion.I look sometimes through the magazines and sometimes my family and I visit Trade centre and we do shopping.As for me I prefer sportswear I buy different styles of trainers.Black colour is my favourite.My favourite trade brand are addidas and nike.I should admit I wear them everywhere:at school,at the street,at the cinema,at the village.They never hurt me.They are so comfortable.There is no other footwear on Earth!!!!=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)__)(__(^_^) 

dear veronica,
my name is maria. i am from romania (bucharest)!
my favourite animal is fish.i like and cat.
my favourite shoes are sandals. do you like sandals?
swit love,

my favorourite shoes is sneakers1

hello, what's your name?
i am maria

my favourite shoes are trainers(sneakers) they are blue and they are new 

i like sndals.

Hi everybody!
I love all my shoes! They are so cool! My favourite shoes are high heels! They are all sparkly and... black! They look wonderful and suit every party dress! Well,  I have a second favourite pair of shoes... Normal flats. The main colour is white althought because there is so many colourful colours on them! They suit every summer clothes I wear! So these two pairs of shoes suit quite a lot of stuff! 
-Veronica, 10, UK.


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