What's your favourite drink? Do you prefer fruit juice or fizzy drinks? How many glasses of water or milk do you drink every day? Are you feeling thirsty now? 

Your Turn: Your Favourite Drinks
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My favoourite drink are cole and sprite. Ilike fruit juice and frizzy drinks similarly. I drink 1-2 glass of milk  and 7-8 of water everyday. Now I'm not thirsty. Lunch and dinner I drink only orange juice and water.

i like to drink chill and yummy fruit juices and shakes.PrincessAmuletLight....

My favorite drink is orange juice,apple juice.cola cola and chocolate juice.

hello, my favourite juice is carrot juice, apple juice, strawberry juice & pinnaple juice they are healthy for our body but than juice fruit is good for d health am i correct ? and i like tea & milk in flavours like strawberry , chockolate, or fresh milk i will drink 2 glasses of juices, i will drink milk everyday its good for health !!

 my favorite drink is the peach smoothie:
and my favorite smoothie shop is called "liquefied crazy" 

 My favourite is ... fruit juice. It's fresh and healthy. But be careful, because they are bad for your teeth(much sour). 

My favorite drink is the juice mango and strawberry, I also like chocolate milk  and  milk because  strengthen the  bone.

I like apple juice. And I lkie pineapple juice too.

my favourite drink is a te but I like so much the cofee

Any things are drinks, I like it. One day, I think i drink about over 10 glasses of water. I think that's enough for us. Because drink water is healthy, it's very good. I think I'm thirsty now. I have to drink water now.