What's your favourite drink? Do you prefer fruit juice or fizzy drinks? How many glasses of water or milk do you drink every day? Are you feeling thirsty now? 

Your Turn: Your Favourite Drinks
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  1.  I like blueberry juice and orange juice.
  2. I prefer fruit juice.
  3. I drink water when I'm thirsty, and I drink milk twice a day. In the morning and before going in bed.
  4. Yes, I'm feeling thirsty. I'm going to get some glass of water. :D

l like lemon juice . l prefer fruit juice .l drink five glasses of water every day . Yes , l am .

I sure like water! And yes, I could do with some water now!

I drink ice tea. I also like shakes- banana and strawberry shakes rocks!


i love green tea,soda,pineapple soda,strawberry milk shack,strawberry milk

I like coffee and Tea

My favorite drinks are apple juice and Fanta.I also like Ice Tea and Coca-Cola,but I don't like to drink water very much.For that reason I only drink 3 or 4 cups a day.

 i love tea  soda ornge jouce  and pineapple jouice kool aid

My favourite drink is Apple Juice :)